TvT is a well-known event from virtually every server. It consists in randomly dividing the players into two teams, Red and Blue. The main advantage is that the enemy we cannot defeat can be on the same team with us.
For the duration of the fight, all buffs are removed! Here Supports play a very important role. They have to help their team for a limited time by giving them buffs. It is good for a given team to immediately divide the players into appropriate parties. It is advisable to have a Bishop for each party to heal us.

In Tvt, winnings depend on the number of players killed on the opposing team.

Minimum level to participate in the event: 61
The event lasts 10 minutes.
The main prize is Bag with Rune's
For the person with the most kills, an additional reward of Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76.
Loose team reward: 3x Bag With Material's.

Tvt, CtF and DM events take place randomly every day at 09:00, 17:30, 20:00 and 22:00.
To register for the event, click OK in the pop-up window.

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