How To Connect
Download the Temida Client
It will install the game wherever you want, e.g. D:/Game/Lineage2Temida
Download the Temida Updater
Copy L2Temida.exe to the place where you installed the game, e.g. D:/Game/Lineage2Temida
You can create an account for the website HERE but it is not required to play. The game account is created automatically. Delete folder LineageII/System. Run as Administrator the file called L2Temida which is located in the main directory. After launching, a shortcut will be created to start the game Press Full Check and wait for the server's files to be downloaded.
Play the Game :-)
If you have encountered problems with Updater (Updater works in 100% but the system sometimes blocks it) and you are not able to solve the problem, download our latest Patch and upload to the game folder, e.g. D:/Game/Lineage2Temida
DOWNLOAD PATCH (28.05.2022)
We recommend using the latest Winrar to unpack the file:
*If you do not want to replace files (windows problem), it is recommended to delete old files before paste new ones.
*In case of any problems, we recommend that you first clean your computer with CCleaner and scan with AntiMalware.

If you want to play on a standard Interface, download this version of the game:
Lineage 2 Temida, Client with oryginal interface

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