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Greetings to you traveler!
We urgently need your help. Evil spirits appeared hunting for Souls Fiery Elements of the world Aden.

Every time the soul of an element is subjected to capture, I will inform you.
As soon as a message about the capture is received, do not run slowly to me and I will tell you the place of the evil spirit Devourer of Souls and mark its approximate position on your map.

If you manage to preserve the spirit of the fiery element, then part of his soul will pass in the form of a Soul Gift - which contains very valuable objects.
Spirits appear every day at 08:00, 16:30 and 23:00.
Reward for killing the Soul Keeper RB(85) - 200 Festival Adena.
You will get the localisation after speaking with event manager.
The arrow shows the approximate location of the event.
The event appears randomly on the map and sometimes it is impossible to access:

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