Collect Medals
During the event, which will start in the morning after restart on 12th of June 2021.
You can collect Medals and Glittering Medals.
How the Event works?
In the event you can reach five Collector's levels, where each level is awarded with additional reward. You can get those levels with the help of Glittering Medals talking to Winnie the Cat. Winnie will play the heads or tails with you… so to get the level might be challenging.

Rabbit 5 Glittering Medal
Hyena 10 Glittering Medal
Fox 20 Glittering Medal
Wolf 40 Glittering Medal
Beginner: Roy the Cat Louie the Cat
Greater Haste Potion 5 3
Greater Swift Attack Potion 10 6
Greater Magic Haste Potion 10 6
Quick Healing Potion 17 12
Scrolls with Buff 150
Rabbit: Roy the Cat Louie the Cat
Blessed Scroll of Escape 250 230
Blessed Scroll of Resurrection 667 635
Scroll: Enchant Armor D 25
Scroll: Enchant Weapon D 83 69
Hyena: Roy the Cat Louie the Cat
Scroll: Enchant Armor C 67
Scroll: Enchant Weapon C 183 161
Scroll: Enchant Armor B 267
Scroll: Enchant Weapon B 833 742
Fox: Roy the Cat Louie the Cat
Scroll: Enchant Armor A 833
Scroll: Enchant Weapon A 3000 2745
Red Party Mask 833 687
Wolf: Roy the Cat Louie the Cat
Sealed Majesty Ring 3120
Sealed Majesty Earring 4680
Sealed Majesty Necklace 6240
Soul Crystal (All Colors) - Stage 11 5000
Soul Crystal (All Colors) - Stage 12 10000
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