Dear friends!
Christmas is just over the corner!
And we are happy to announce, that Christmas Events are starting!

Events period:
15 December - 30 January

During the event period mobs will drop Christmas items:

Bring them to Santa Trainee Event NPC, which will be waiting for you in any major town.

Who can participate:

Each player of our server can become an event participant, regardless of the equipment and level of your character in the game.
The event is not tied to time and a specific location. It is enough to be in the game and hunt monsters in order to participate.

2022 is coming to an end!
Our team wishes you a Happy New Year, and we also want to wish that the coming year will bring you only pleasure, both in real life and within our beloved world of Lineage 2.

Last modified: 2022/12/16 10:31

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