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Event Finder - haber - 09-08-2020

Greetings to you traveler!
We urgently need your help. Evil spirits appeared hunting for Souls Fiery Elements of the world Aden.
[Image: Finder.PNG]
Every time the soul of an element is subjected to capture, I will inform you.
As soon as a message about the capture is received, do not run slowly to me and I will tell you the place of the evil spirit Devourer of Souls and mark its approximate position on your map.
[Image: Finder1.PNG]
[Image: Finder2.png]
If you manage to preserve the spirit of the fiery element, then part of his soul will pass in the form of a Soul Gift - which contains very valuable objects.
* Spirits appear every day at 14:00, 17:00, 22:00.
** Reward for killing the Soul Keeper RB(85) - 200 Festival Adena.
*** You will get the localisation after speaking with event manager.
**** The arrow shows the approximate location of the event.
***** The event appears randomly on the map and sometimes it is impossible to access.
[Image: Finder3.png]