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01. Please, find out our few regulations which is created to avoid unexpected and negative situations. That will help us to keep good mood and satisfaction from together’s fun. Being a part in our world is voluntary and breaking any part of this regulations could and up on penlaty or pernament ban. Playing is always a good fun and contact with anyone from our World (no metter if it’s Player or GM) should be done with mutual respect.

02. Every dotation is absolutely voluntary and cannot be a base for any claims from GM or Administration included Vipe, lost of server’s data, temporarily/pernament server’s shut down or temporarily/pernament ban for not respecting Server Rules.

03. Everyone who’s entering World of lineage II Temida should know this regulations.

04. Administration have a right to temporarily or pernament delete any user – also without giving any reason.

05. Being a part in our Server is free of any additional costs.

06. Selling a game account or character is strictly prohibited. Each attempt to sell will result in a permanent ban on the account or character.

07. Botting on server is forbidden. Any Player using a bot will be banned permanently.

08. In The World of Lineage II Temida is strictly prohibited: Adding any pornographic content or simmilar what’s only for adult persons, any from of insulting other Players or Administration, creating and sharing commercials for personal profit or advertising any other lineage II server, spamming on any chat/forum, adding links with non-trust content/virus/malware.

09. Any attempt to cheat at the Olympics will be punished.

10. Administration doesn’t keep any responsibility for any shared content in World of Lineage II Temida.

11. Never ask levels, items, adena, teleport or any benefit to any member of the administration because you will not be answered.

12. Administration could change any part of Regulations without giving any reason.

13. It is forbidden to offend anyone on any chat window. Any dispute with the administrator's decision will increase the penalty (maximum permanent ban).

14. Everytime after being punished the penalty will be increased greatly.

15. If any Player will not respect any of these Regulations Administration could ban this Player temporarily/pernament or/also delete Game’s Character/Account, in the meaning of World of lineage II Temida phrase in , Lineage II Game World and Game Forum..

16. All user data (its accuracy and maintenance) are the sole responsibility of the user. Take care of your data and keep your active e-mail account it is necessary to recover your password if you forget it. The administration is not responsible for data forgotten, lost, deleted or canceled for any reason.

1º   RockStars 8 lvl
2º   Feniks 8 lvl
3º   Gentlemen 8 lvl
1º   Dex 1083 pvps
2º   Arrow 1033 pvps
3º   Barezja 1023 pvps
1º   Nando 91 pks
2º   Arrow 82 pks
3º   Calypso 66 pks
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