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XP, Drop Seal Stone x2 (06.02.2020 - 07.02.2020)
05 February, 2021
High Rate
Server High Rate is shut down. Thank you for your time in preparation. Time to start working on Low Rate server - Grimhold!
04 February, 2021
Changes (03.02.2021)
· Correct Kamaloka Manager · Correct Class Master · Removed from the shop to trade Adena for Gold Bars (Please use the Banking System) · Correct Bag...
03 February, 2021
Changes (02.02.2021)
· Correct spawn npc in town's · A new Vote system has been implemented (All information can be found in the game after entering the command .help) · Upda...
02 February, 2021
I would like to remind you that from today the Hero will be every 2 weeks. Now is the time to change and something can always go wrong. In case of problems, write to me. I apologiz...
01 February, 2021
Rate Drop Items x2 (30.01.2021 - 31.01.2021)
29 January, 2021
Changes (26.01.2021)
· The appearance has been improved and information has been added to .help · Correct chamberlain dialogs about close and open doors · NPC animation correct (...
26 January, 2021

1º   PaRaDisE 8 lvl
2º   Insumortable 8 lvl
3º   Apocaliptic 8 lvl
1º   Siet 4527 pvps
2º   Rode 2585 pvps
3º   River 2375 pvps
1º   BlinD 81 pks
2º   Rode 68 pks
3º   Akuma 51 pks
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