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Changes and Drop Items, Spoil x2 (21.08.2020)
· Implemented buttons for quick access to the lists of weapons, armor, etc. in the Auctioneer · Auctioneer is available from B-Grade Drop Items and Spoil x2 (21.08....
21 August, 2020
Changes (20.08.2020)
· Correct HTML in Service Manager, L2 Medal Collector Event, Global GK, Buffer and Auction Manager · Correct spawn NPC in Dion · Unnecessary data has been cl...
20 August, 2020
Changes (18.08.2020)
Please download new patch or use Check Files in Updater. · When changing the owner of the castle, we take off the worn crowns and also check at the entrance whether the cha...
18 August, 2020
Changes (17.08.2020)
Please download new patch or use Check Files in Updater. · Cloak add 10% · New options in Interface: Sort item, Possible turn on/off message on screen in Options &...
17 August, 2020
xp. sp x2
· Xp, Sp x2 (14.08.2020 - 17.08.2020)
14 August, 2020
Changes (11.08.2020)
· An individual teleporter at Baium and correct HTML · Remove the teleport cubes from Core, they do not have them (checked) · Correct Sailren cubic id and cu...
11 August, 2020
Changes (07.07.2020)
· Banned teleport zone correction · More mobs in PvP Area · Updated Granit (More p.def) · Raid Boss drop Rate and Quest Items drop Rate x2 (07.08.202...
07 August, 2020

1º   PaRaDisE 8 lvl
2º   Apocaliptic 8 lvl
3º   Insumortable 8 lvl
1º   Siet 4527 pvps
2º   Rode 2585 pvps
3º   River 2375 pvps
1º   BlinD 81 pks
2º   Rode 68 pks
3º   Akuma 51 pks
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