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Changes (07.05.2024)
May 07, 2024

Please run the game only through the file L2Temida.exe which is located in the main folder with the game.
If it doesn't check itself, close and run Updater again or click Full Check.
· The Hide Glow Armor system has been rewritten:
With costumes, Glow Armor is available
When Hide Glowing Armor is off, we see a colored glow on ourselves and others but when someone turns 
on Hide Glowing Armor, we don't see a glow on them nor does he see a glow on others
· Fixed few zones
· Added limit packet for login
· Reduced packet limit when deleting items(items can be removed faster)
· Fixed Fire element on Pawn Shop
· Change buttons on Promotion Manager
· Corrected text in The Human Soul
· Little Corrected text in Varka/Ketra Helper
· Update Rules! Scam is strictly forbidden!(point 15.)
· Added Tournament Event - All information on Alt+B/Tournament(Small Reward for live test, please report all problems)
We need test date starts etc.
· Corrected Restore HP, MP, CP Before Oly start
· Corrected Descriptions about lvl on quests: Chest caught with a bait of..., Song of the Hunter
· Quest The Song Of The Hunter: Fixed drop Karut Weed, Fixed check 2nd Circle Hunter License, Corrected Descriptions
· Quest Whisper of Dreams, Part 1: Corrected Descriptions
· Added Forbidden Char Names
· Added Chat Filter - If you are vulgar or insult someone, you will get an automatic chat ban for one hour(Please report forbidden words)
· Olympiad: Required number of fights to exchange points for NGP = 9
· If You have Chat Ban, can use Friend Chat
· Orfen/Core Zone: If you try to attack/debuff a character below lvl 59, you will get 50k karma and be teleported past the nearest town
· Increase HP Reg for Orfen(441-->481)
· Corrected Message about enchant conditions
· Added to Log Enchant: Augment Id
· If try change Enchant scroll on Enchant Window, Window closes
· Fixed Description about Tallum Leather Armor set(how pieces for set)
· Fixed Item Name(scorpion to Scropion)
· Corrected list Exchange Weapons on Mammon

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· Little Corrected Shots · Corrected DMG
23 May, 2024
· Corrected Shots · Fixed Shots for Pets · Corrected Debuff time
23 May, 2024
· Little correct packet pk loc on map, login · Fixed Max HP on Event Boss · Fixed change shots on Shortcut · Fixed taken col form CWH if NPC is on De...
23 May, 2024
· Fixed quest: Kamael, A Window To The Future · Skill Break Duress - work for all Roots · Debuffs: Multiple for chance in pvp: Always adding 15% chance If...
21 May, 2024
Please run the game only through the file L2Temida.exe which is located in the main folder with the game. If it doesn't check itself, close and run Updater again or click Full...
20 May, 2024

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