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Changes (05.02.2024)
February 05, 2024

Please run the game only through the file L2Temida.exe which is located in the main folder with the game.
If it doesn't check itself, close and run Updater again or click Full Check.
· Corrected Set Description: Nightmare Heavy
· Fixed calculate enchant def for armors S-Grade(Only visual on Game Client)
· Change Stats for Ring of Core and Earring of Orfen:
(Now they are practically unused. This will improve PvP with these epic bosses)
Ring of Core: MP +21, STR +1, CON +1, Resistance to Poison +40, increase Accuracy by 2. Decrease skill reuse delay by 5%.
Earring of Orfen: MP +31, INT +1, MEN +1, Resistance to Bleed +40, increase healing effects by 6%. Decrease MP consumption by 5%.
· Corrected calculate Debuff/Shock etc
· Fixed spawn few mobs on Swamp of Screams
· Update Server Protection
· Added buffs for new characters(Fighter: Might-1, Haste-1, Wind Walk-3; Mage: Empower-1, Acumen-1, Wind Walk-3)
· Fixed Drop Chance on event Trick or Transmutation(now is 20% chance for drop Key)
· XP Boost Scroll no take slot for buff
· Corrected Reward for Missions(Daily)
· Fixed sending chat to Discord if player no have Hero Status
· Fixed skill description: Aggression
· Corrected descriptions for quest(rewards): In Search of the Nest and Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenery Force
· Attendance Check: After 30 min we will get a reminder to claim the reward
· Fixed automatic Buffs on Improved Buffalo
· Updated Descriptions about Dragon Pendants
· Fixed Animation for skills: Eruption, Fire Burn, Blaze
· Added Icon to Flag
· Corrected Premium Account for new Character
· We can see all droplist on mobs(enable rewardlist for too weak monsters)
· You can add to Auction Shop All Costumes, Weapon Skins, Coupon for Weapon Skin
· Block item with skin to Freight Service
· Block Buff: blocks the Noblesse Blessing skill
· Added Skin system for Weapon(.skin), for start available 279 skins
· Rewrite Wear System(Now work for all skins)
· Corrected spawns Territory Managers - Now they are next to every Manor
· Fixed npc Manor on Dark Elf Village
· Fixed Zariche description: is a Sword, not Fist
· Dwarf cannot equip costume: Body Fire(bug)
· Corrected Npc in Ch
· Collecting Frozen Hearts: Only 1 person in the party gets a quest item after killing a monster
· Corrected Descriptions on L2Wiki: and
Balance Class:
· Skill Long Shot: Distance back to Retail (lv.1: 300 and lv2. 500)
· Hawkeye, Sagittarius: Reduce Crt. Dmg by 2%
· SilverRanger, MoonlightSentinel: Increase P.Atk by 5%
· AbyssWalker, GhostHunter: Increase P.Atk by +5%
· TreasureHunter, Adventurer: Increase P.Atk by +7%
· PlainsWalker, WindRider: Increase P.Atk by +9%
· Rework skill: Active and Passive Item Skill: Prayer
· Added penalty if class not have Mastery skill(Heavy, Light or Robe) and use wrong armor.
· Changed the minimum chance limit for Debuff entry(from 10% to 0%)

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Changes (15.02.2024)
Please run the game only through the file L2Temida.exe which is located in the main folder with the game. If it doesn't check itself, close and run Updater again or click Full...
15 February, 2024
Starting tomorrow, the random option for selecting players for the Olympiad is disabled. We have to test if it will be ok if players are matched by number of points(offlike).
09 February, 2024
Starting tomorrow, class fights at the olympiad will not start. We will try to fix the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience
09 February, 2024
Changes (06.02.2024)
· Fixed Wear weapon · Fixed .skin command · Added item: Scroll: 10000 SP (Need to Missions) Balance: Increase Shackle chance by 5% Increase Debuff resist...
06 February, 2024

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