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Changes (08.02.2023)
February 08, 2023

· Corrected Seal of Reflect Damage(Miscalculation, added differently %). Thanks Brovcio for raport and test's ! (Interlude, Legacy)
· We have launched Beta testing of Legacy. You are Welcome! Download last version:
· You can find all the information about Legacy on our Discord

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Changes (28.03.2023)
· Chat Ban blocking all chat(Interlude, Legacy) · You can find all the information about Legacy on our Discord:
27 March, 2023
Changes (15.03.2023)
· Voting on has been disabled (Interlude, Legacy) · New Web for vote: L2Votes (Update informations, link) (Interlude, Legacy) · We are back...
14 March, 2023
ENG: Hey. It's been quiet here lately because we've been struggling with files. Literally, it was a battle... After 4 days of fighting, we discovered that our wonderful d...
05 March, 2023
Unfortunately, due to Legacy-related work, the ability to log into the game will only be possible from 5 am. We apologize for the inconvenience
03 March, 2023
Changes (18.02.2023)
· Legacy - Version 0.2 has just been released ! Download and test with us ! · You can find all the information about Legacy o...
18 February, 2023

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1º   Feniks 8 lvl
2º   RockStars 8 lvl
3º   NooBs 8 lvl
1º   c9 3870 pvps
2º   Sorrow 3449 pvps
3º   Karma 3236 pvps
1º   Nando 315 pks
2º   n0rtec 178 pks
3º   Calypso 154 pks
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