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January 03, 2023

Promocode: players
1 per HWID
time: now - 14.01.2023

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· Little Corrected Shots · Corrected DMG
23 May, 2024
· Corrected Shots · Fixed Shots for Pets · Corrected Debuff time
23 May, 2024
· Little correct packet pk loc on map, login · Fixed Max HP on Event Boss · Fixed change shots on Shortcut · Fixed taken col form CWH if NPC is on De...
23 May, 2024
· Fixed quest: Kamael, A Window To The Future · Skill Break Duress - work for all Roots · Debuffs: Multiple for chance in pvp: Always adding 15% chance If...
21 May, 2024
Please run the game only through the file L2Temida.exe which is located in the main folder with the game. If it doesn't check itself, close and run Updater again or click Full...
20 May, 2024

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1º   PeaceAndLove 8 lvl
2º   OPN 8 lvl
3º   KuzniaHefajstosa 8 lvl
1º   H8 9953 pvps
2º   Ranger 5764 pvps
3º   Davaler 4879 pvps
1º   Nando 327 pks
2º   n0rtec 185 pks
3º   Calypso 182 pks
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