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Changes (12.09.2022)
September 12, 2022

· Corrected Information on Website
· Corrected information about Trivia on CB and TemidaWiki
· Added Description on Auction Manager
· A quick search for stores has been added. You will find an option to search at any Advanture Guildsman. The list updates every 5 minutes
· Added:
· Daimon the White-eyed - Part 1 is repeatable
· Corrected deletion of flags at the CTF event upon relog/disconnect/end of the event
· Corrected Newbie Teleport

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Today the Legacy test server will be shut down. Work is in progress
30 September, 2022
Lineage 2 Temida - Legacy
Lineage 2 Temida - Legacy tests. No settings, first run. You are welcome:
28 September, 2022
Changes (27.09.2022)
· Corrected description on Costume's Shop · Corrected manufacture packets · Wedding: Missing messages added, code has been rewritten, exploits removed, T...
27 September, 2022
Changes (22.09.2022)
· Corrected quest: Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1 (Better drop QI) · Corrected show pickup Frintezza's Nacklece · Change buff: Flames of Invincibilit...
22 September, 2022
Changes (20.09.2022)
· Correctied karma lost with Cursed Weapon · Corrected quest: Dig Up The Sea Of Spores · Correct clan dialog(change from Ru to Eng language) · Add co...
20 September, 2022

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1º   RockStars 8 lvl
2º   Feniks 8 lvl
3º   NooBs 8 lvl
1º   Karma 3095 pvps
2º   Spejson777 2874 pvps
3º   n0rtec 2302 pvps
1º   Nando 211 pks
2º   n0rtec 161 pks
3º   PjoterQA 128 pks
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