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Changes (14.09.2021) - New Patch
September 14, 2021

Please click Full Check or Download new patch:
· Corrected Weapon Stage ID
· Corrected Fafurion Map
· Added Fafurion Necklace (Increases resistance to Water attacks by 15, Sleep by 70, Hold by 70, 
Stun by 20, Accuracy by 2 Max HP. by 495, P. Atk. by 5%, M. Atk. by 9%, Damage Magic Critical Attack
 Rate by 50% and restores 1 HP. by using some of the damage inflicted upon the enemy (does not include
 damage from skill or range attacks). Reflects 5 physical damage received back upon the enemy (does
 not include damage from skill or range attacks).
· Added drop Fafurion Necklace (Fafurion have 50 % chance)
· Corrected Fafurion
· Description of some skills has been corrected
· Added Varka and Ketra Helper (Giran)
· Moved items to buy varka/ketra alliance quest to Varka and Ketra Helper's
· Added a check to see if the player has a quest Alliance With Ketra Orcs and
Alliance With Varka Silenos running, if not, the Mark Of Ketra's Alliance - Level 5 and
Mark Of Varka's Alliance - Level 5 will disappear.
· Implements PvP/PK Announce Kill's Streak (with IP protection)
· Implements Auto Augment for premium players (Right-click on Lifestone).
· The Mobs in Heine Island drop a Portal Fragment which is needed to get to Fafurion Island.
· Added the ability to buy Portal Fragment in the Temida Shop (2 CoL per 1 Portal Fragment)
· Corrected Kiernan's description
· Deleted Event Finder Manager in Ivory Tower
· Added Crystal Scroll of Resurrection - 2x faster than normal res (You can buy at Temida Shop/Special)

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Changes (23.10.2021)
· Prepared event for Halloween ( · Champion's spawn rate x2 (24.10.2021 - 25.10.2021)
23 October, 2021
Donation x2
From now on, until 00:00 Donations will be multiplied x2 ! The bonus will be released manually up to 48h. The bonus is only valid for Paypal payments. 
15 October, 2021
Changes (13.10.2021)
· SmartGuard license extended for another six months · The number of allowed accounts has been changed. From now on we can have 3 accounts logged in
13 October, 2021
Changes (29.09.2021)
· All the basic accessories are now: Sellable, Tradeable and Dropable · Corrected Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Version) · Update Alt+B ·...
29 September, 2021
Changes (24.09.2021)
· Corrected Trivia questions · Added pvp zone - Core Room, Sea of Spores · Spoil Rate x1.5 (24.09.2021 - 26.09.2021) · Corrected quest Shilens Hunt,...
24 September, 2021

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1º   RockStars 8 lvl
2º   Feniks 8 lvl
3º   Gentlemen 8 lvl
1º   Dex 1083 pvps
2º   Barezja 1023 pvps
3º   Milten 888 pvps
1º   Dex 65 pks
2º   Arrow 60 pks
3º   Calypso 45 pks
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