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Changes (14.05.2021)
May 14, 2021

· Restart Oly seasons
· Start Event - Event Finder ( )

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Changes (13.06.2021)
· Corrected Clan Oath Sets · Corrected Skill for Monsters: Resist Bow Weapons, Resist Physical Attack, Sacred Attack Weak Point, Resist Poison Attacks, Fire Attack...
13 June, 2021
Changes (08.06.2021)
· Added lost dialog Ketra's Messenger Naran Ashanuk · Move from PTS quest Alliance With Ketra Orcs and Alliance With Varka Silenos · Optimization check a...
08 June, 2021
@everyone Date: 29.05.2021 People from the list must report to the Administrator in order to pick up the Hero for 2 weeks. There are 20 BoGs for each Hero. Unfortunately, it is n...
31 May, 2021
Changes (31.05.2021)
· Reworked prepare target for aggression · Reworked minion aggression reaction · Reworked search Faction at mobs · Optimize code for Global Agro &mi...
31 May, 2021
Unfortunately, Olympiad once again failed. We are forced to go back to the basic settings, ie Olympiad every month from the beginning of June. Sorry for the inconvenience. We try t...
30 May, 2021

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1º   Gentlemen 8 lvl
2º   TroskliweMisie 8 lvl
3º   Gejsze 8 lvl
1º   Barezja 1023 pvps
2º   Milten 581 pvps
3º   Fur1a 498 pvps
1º   Milten 39 pks
2º   Tricks 19 pks
3º   AnEtKa 18 pks
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