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Stay safe in L2Temida! Use secure links. Make sure that the links related to L2Temida are properly secured and lead to the correct page. Remember about the HTTPS security protocol that protects your personal information online.
Auto Create Account (If you want to use the services available on the website, login on website using the same login and password as in the game).

The best protection against Bots (The best servers use it !!).
Skills, Classes, Drop and Spawn System - PTS !
Support 24/7.
Protection System - when the client crashe's or disconnect's, we have 3 minutes to return to the game (During this time the character stands in the game and is immortal).
Temida Shop is avaible where we can buy Soulshots, mana potions and many other interesting things. We’ll find Mammon there too.
Buffer (for players and pets) - Yes
Maximum Buffs Slots - 28 + 4
Duration of the Buff's, Dance's and Song's - 1 hour
Olympiads Max Enchant - 10
Sub-Class Quest - Not
Sub-Class Limit - 3
Class Master - Yes (in Giran)
Offline mode Shop - Yes (.offline), after 60 day's it is automatically deactivated.
Auto Learn Skill's - Yes
Champion's System - Yes
Wedding System - Yes
Global Gatekeeper - Yes
Scrool's, Life Stone's, Divine Book's and Giants Codex is Stackable.
Weight Limit - x3
Level difference's, detailed description's.
PvP Zone on Grand RB.
RB: Regen HP, P Def. and M Def. increased x2, Attack x3.
Full C-Grade in Luxury Shop.
Full B-Grade in B Grade Master (Giran).
Working siege Clan Hall (Fortress of Resistance, Bandit Stronghold, Devastated Castle, Wild Beast Reserve, Rainbow Springs Chateau and Fortress of the Dead).
2 Box are allowed (Main + 2 Box) - Blocking per computer, not IP.
New Player Bonus: Each new player get's Rune of XP 30%, Rune of SP 30% for 1h and Premium Account for 2 day's.
Coin’s of Luck is the additional currency in game. They can be obtained through Voting and Donation.
Book's, Amulet's and Arrow's drop has been blocked.
Greater CP Potion, CP Potion and Quick HP has 2 sec reuse.
Auto Loot for items/adena from monster's (individually set by each player) & and manual pickup for Raid Bosses.
Individual Vote awards.
All command's available here: (Alt+B).
All configuration's and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant.


Experience (EXP) - 8x
Skill Points (SP) - 8x
Adena - 6x
Drop Items - 8x
Spoil - 9x
Drop Quest - 6x


Safe Enchant - 3
Max Enchant - 16
Normal Scroll chance - 60%
Blessed Scroll chance - 60% and not crystallizes


Premium System for Account.
The ability to transfer your character to another account. Cost: 5,000 CoL.
Possibility to bet NPC Taurin (wh), Buffer, Temida Shop and Service Manager in CH and Castle. The cost of 1 npc is 2000 CoL.
Custom Interface.
Auctioner - Selling/buying item's for CoL, FA (among players). It can be found in every city.
Check Drop/Spoil in Mob - You can check the Drop and Spoil of a mob by holding Shift and left-clicking on it.
Skill's and Buff's descriptions are very detailed.
PvP/PK Announce Kill's Streak.
Sweeper Festival - The principle of operation is exactly the same as in the H5 client. Scavenger get's a skill at level 28.
All mobs on PI drop Mid-Grade Life Stone - Level 76.
XP Freez - Turn On/Off getting level (.xpfreez on, xpfreez off). Only available to premium account users.
Banking Service - You can exchange Adena for Gold Bar not only in the shop (.deposit, .withdraw).
Custom Shield's, Hat's.
MiniMap: CT, FOG, IT, MOS, Catacombs, Necropolis, Devil Isle, Ant Nest.
Custom Map's with mob's and RB: Fafurion Isle and Heine Island.
Auto Augment for Premium Users(Right-click on Lifestone).
Costumes (you can try on every costume before buying it).
Rune's 30% and 50% for 1h - XP, SP, Drop, Adena, Spoil.
Achievements System.
Special RB - Granit.
Special Mob - Dragonfly.
Radio in Client.


Trivia - Answer question's and earn reward's

Event Finder - 08:00, 16:30, 23:00, lvl: 76+, Reward: 200 FA

Collect Medals and Glittering Medal's.

Kamaloka by L2Temida

Trick or Transmutation

TvT - 09:00, 17:30, 20:00, 22:00. Lvl: 61-81, Reward: Bag with Rune's.
Top reward list: Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
Loose team reward: 3x Bag With Material's

CtF - 09:00, 17:30, 20:00, 22:00. Lvl: 61-81, Reward: Bag with Rune's.
Loose team reward: 3x Bag With Material's

DM -  09:00, 17:30, 20:00, 22:00. Lvl: 61-81, Reward: Bag with Rune's.

TvT, CtF, DM are interchangeable

More Informations

More information and events can be found on our Wiki!

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1º   Feniks 8 lvl
2º   NooBs 8 lvl
3º   RockStars 8 lvl
1º   c9 3872 pvps
2º   Sorrow 3747 pvps
3º   Karma 3236 pvps
1º   Nando 319 pks
2º   n0rtec 178 pks
3º   Calypso 165 pks
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