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Collaborate with the server and earn rewards!

Why donate?

By donating you are helping to keep the server online, with quality and always updated.

Among other things, it is possible to buy a Premium Account:
Exp, Sp, Exp Raid, Sp Raid: x1.5
Drop Raid Item: +10%
Spoil, Drop, Adena: x1.5
Quest Reward, Drop, Adena*: x1.5
*Does not apply to all quests !
Enchanting Luck 10%:
An additional benefit for premium is you have extra 10% chance for successful enchantment Items and Skills - Valid only if premium is purchased for 30 Days. eg. 60%(Item/Skill Enchant Base) * 10%(Bonus) = 66% Chance.
Premium Account can be bought in every city from Service Manager.

Premium for 2 Days - 450 Coin of Luck
Premium for 14 Days - 2500 Coin of Luck
Premium for 30 Days - 4000 Coin of Luck

You get Coin of Luck's as a reward for collaboration that can be redeemed for various items in game.

  • You receive 100 Coin of Luck's for € 0,25.


Remeber to be on the correct account!
Go to the Donate panel for more information.
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1º   PeaceAndLove 8 lvl
2º   OPN 8 lvl
3º   Feniks 8 lvl
1º   H8 9575 pvps
2º   Ranger 5764 pvps
3º   Davaler 4879 pvps
1º   Nando 327 pks
2º   n0rtec 185 pks
3º   Calypso 182 pks
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