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Changes (16.04.2021)
· Move from PTS quest Crystal Of Fire Ice · Move from PTS quest Ranchers Plea · Move from PTS quest Clean Up The Swamp Of Screams · Move from PTS que...
16 April, 2021
New Group FB I invite everyone to join the group on FB. The group was created in order to gather more fans of Lineage2.
13 April, 2021
Changes (13.04.2021)
· Added option to try hat's · Allowed reloging in jail · Corrected .help · Corrected Friend invite · Move from PTS quest Arrow For Vengea...
13 April, 2021
Changes (09.04.2021)
· Correct World Chat · Blocked arrow drop from monsters · Move from PTS quest Catch The Wind · Move form PTS quest Vanquish Remnants · Correc...
09 April, 2021
Changes (07.04.2021)
· Correct for Siege packet broadcast · Cosmetic rework for Class Master · The description on the website has been updated · Little Correct Global GK...
07 April, 2021

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