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Changes (17.11.2021)
· Stop Halloween Event · We have added the ability to buy regular enchants for CoL
16 November, 2021
Hey. What's going on at Olympia is beyond human comprehension. We decided not to watch oly... but feeding at this level is unacceptable. Let me be brief and to the point. Eithe...
30 October, 2021
Changes (23.10.2021)
· Prepared event for Halloween ( · Champion's spawn rate x2 (24.10.2021 - 25.10.2021)
23 October, 2021
Donation x2
From now on, until 00:00 Donations will be multiplied x2 ! The bonus will be released manually up to 48h. The bonus is only valid for Paypal payments. 
15 October, 2021
Changes (13.10.2021)
· SmartGuard license extended for another six months · The number of allowed accounts has been changed. From now on we can have 3 accounts logged in
13 October, 2021

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