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Information about Vote
IPv6 doesn't work on l2 clients (global problem) so when we vote we have IPv6 and when we play we use IPv4. The ip is not the same when they check on the voting page. The syste...
29 July, 2021
Changes (29.07.2021)
· Added Fafurion to Boss Status in Website · Move from PTS quest The Leader And The Follower · Move from PTS quest To Lead And BeLed · Move from PTS...
29 July, 2021
Changes (28.07.2021)
· Corrected Fafurion: P. Def., P. Atk., Drop · Corrected M. Def. in mobs (Heine Island) · Corrected .help · Corrected Vote System · Deleted...
28 July, 2021
Ups, Lost File :)  One file from the graphics is lost, please download it and paste it into systextures/ People wh...
27 July, 2021
Promotion !
As part of the promotion, entry to Fafurion Isle costs 1 CoL! (07/27/2021 - 08/08/2021)
27 July, 2021

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